An "education on wheels" project holding two-week academic summer camps in the most picturesque parts of Russia
(English subtitles to be added soon)

SHAR Academy welcomes young thinkers to join the educational movement. We cooperate with those who keep up with the times and discover the increasing interdependence of world cultures. Our summer camp is a network and environment embracing science and communication, logic and philosophizing. We are learning how to interpret and understand reality: through languages, history, and philosophy.

Our program is entitled
"Russia, the West, and the East: universals and peculiarities".
We will learn and analyze the way different nations interpret eternal philosophic problems and what the basis of intercultural dialogue is. We will examine acute topics from the three viewpoints: the Western, Eastern (Chinese), and Russian cultures.

Our team
Victoria Sukhomlinova
Chinese and philosophy teacher
Marie Zotova
English and history teacher
Ekaterina Sukhomlinova
History teacher
Ann Pisareva
English and Chinese teacher
Elisaveta Vereshchagina
History and philosophy teacher
Alexander Sukhomlinov
Organizational manager
Olga Aksarina
Yoga teacher