Victoria Sukhomlinova
Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Culture, expert in culture, language and philosophy
- Received a MA degree in Regional Studies with honours, MGIMO-University, Russia.
- Completed two internships in China, which are a year language program in Peking University and a half-year research program in Beijing Foreign Studies University.
- The creator and the author of a special "Language through culture" course of Chinese for the Cultural center "Punctum", Moscow.
- Writing materials about Chinese history, culture and mentality for the website of "My Planet" Russian TV Channel.
- In October 2017 studied traditional Chinese education in Wenli Academy (文理书院), Zhejiang province, China.
- Scripted and hosted an online Chinese language program for People's Daily (人民网) Moscow Studio.
- Teaching Chinese in MGIMO-University.

- "I believe that I could teach my students how to assess new information from different angles and to foster openness and reason".

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Marie Zotova
Interpreter and communication bridge between representatives of different cultures
- Graduate student of Moscow State University, The Higher School Of Translation/Interpreting faculty, simultaneous interpreter from English and Chinese to Russian
- Festival film lover, each year became an interpreter and personal assistant of Chinese directors at the 37th, 39th and 40th MIFF. In 2018, during the 40th MIFF was a personal interpreter of the main competition jury member Mr. Qiao Liang, and participated in all events of the Moscow International Film Festival.
- In summer 2017, was an intern in the Russian Translation Section, Languages Service, Division of Conference Management, United Nations Office at Geneva
- In December 2017, took part in the 10th Biennale of Poets in Moscow international festival (poetry evenings, the festival of voice verse, meetings in the framework of "Poets in the School"), and also was a personal assistant of Chinese poets who participated in the Biennale in Moscow (Yan Lian, Han Dong, Shen Haobo, Yu Jian, Yang Xiaobin, Han Bo and others)
- Became a participant of the Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations at MGIMO three times
- In 2016 did an internship at the Northeastern University in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

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Екатерина Сухомлинова
Journalist, teacher
- Received a BA degree in journalism in MGIMO-University, Russia.
- Previously worked in Forbes and MediaProfi magazines, in JWT creative agency, nowadays working in marketing sphere.

- "My goal is to sparkle in our student's interest in literature and historical texts, that was once sparkled in me by my teachers. I am very thankful to them that they uncovered the world of literature for me as a source of inspiration and knowledge about yourself and the world around you".

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Anna Pisareva
Language expert, teacher, photographer
- Received a Bachelor's degree from People's Friendship University of Russia in 2016. Has a special certification in Pedagogy with distinction of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and Diploma of the 3d degree for the research linguistic activities in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.
- Has been traveling to China since year 2014 in order to learn and practice Chinese language. Anna has been studying in various Chinese universities' language programs in Shanghai (SISU), Beijing (BLCU), Chengdu (SWUFE). The latest duration period was 18 months of living and studying in Chengdu city.
- The creator and the author of the research paper concerning the question of grammatical and structural differences and similarities between English and Chinese languages written in the English language.
- Won the second prize at the international Chinese-Russian photo competition "China through the lens" held by the official department of Chinese most popular magazine "Renmin Ribao Online"; has a diploma of completed course of photography in Tver and also has a diploma of participation in Tver regional photo competition.
- Has several works being published in the Russian web community of National Geographic Russia and travel guidance for travelers across Tver Region.
- Since February, 2017 to February 2018 has been volunteered at the International Institute of Education "i2" established by Chinese and American teaching community in Chengdu (Sichuan province) working there as an English teacher for kids and adults.

- "Education is the key from countless doors to this huge and marvelous world. Language is an instrument of negotiations and gaining knowledge. Via learning foreign languages, a man develops his own opportunity to think as people from the entire world, look at this world as they do, feel this world as they do, live the life they do. As many points of view we have, as many inventions we can contribute".

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Olga Aksarina
Charity programs assistant, yoga instructor
- Master of Sociology Master of Sociology. In 2017 also graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental Methods of Rehabilitation as a "Hatha Yoga Instructor".
- Work experience: worked in science and marketing. From 2014 to 2017 closely interacted and worked in the human rights field, coordinated The Moscow School of Human Rights. Currently I work in a charitable foundation, which was established to help Holocaust survivors.
- Participated in a number of grassroots volunteering initiatives, such as the anti-war action Lights Of Eirene, Joint Public Monitoring Group and International Youth Human Rights Movement
- Hobbies: mountain climbing, rock climbing, environmental protection, human rights, documentary theater.

- I have been doing yoga since 2012. I like to combine strength training with relaxed asanas and various breathing techniques Exercise has a positive effect on our body and mental health, this is one of the reasons why I want to share my knowledge and skills with students of the "SHAR" academy.

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Alexander Sukhomlinov
Organizational manager
- Received a BA degree in economics, MGIMO-University, Russia.
- Currently studying regional economics in Higher School of economics, Russia.
- Having a work experience in a Russian IT-startup.
- 2015 participant of EM Strasbourg Business School exchange program.
- Fond of travelling around the world, especially in Russia.

- "I dream of building a community of motivated learners and thinkers eager to absorb and share wisdom all over the world"
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