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SHAR Academy
Due to the fact that our movement is now making its first steps, SHAR Academy is only recruiting Russian students so far.

We hope that in a few years, with the necessary experience gained, we will open registration for international students. Their participation is essential for enhancing our intercultural dialogue.

We will broaden our programme adding courses in English. Students from all over the world will have an opportunity to study and compare philosophical traditions of Eurasia and learn about Russian language, culture and history in the most picturesque places of Siberia.
And most of all, international students will be communicating with their fellow Russians and discovering our common humanity.
Establish a partnership
Dear fellow-thinkers!

21st century is the century of an unprecedented openness. It is a century when we are faced with the necessity to raise awareness as quickly as possible, which is the only way for different people to coexist without losing their identity.
If you too hope that people should create a responsible, reasonable society, whose members would choose to search for truth rather than attach labels, don't hesitate to join us in our effort. We are addressing universities and other educational organizations, media and press, business circles and those individuals who are interested, please contact us and we will discuss the type of partnership which is preferable for our both sides. We will built a better future together.