Discover History through Texts and Movies
During the course, we are going to muse upon the interconnectedness of human fates, the crucial moments of our history as the humanity. We are not going to bother ourselves with dates and trends; rather, we are going to look at historic events through the eyes of their witnesses. Books and movies reviving the spirit of different époques will help us to do so.

At our workshops, we are going to compare Russian, Chinese, and Western movies and texts to research the way views and values influence the lives of people in different cultures.

Example: To discuss how our predecessors saw the future of humanity, we are going to compare the novel "The Bull's Hour" by Ivan Efremov to "1984" by George Orwell.

  • Is it possible to fully merge with a foreign culture?
  • Why do superstitions still exist?
  • How can history affect one's fate?
  • What are the sources and the fruits of disagreement?
  • What is the fate of a woman in a traditional and modern society?
  • How did our predecessors see the future of humanity?
  • How does segregation affect the society?
  • What are the sources of spiritual enlightenment for people in different cultures?