SHAR Academy
Russia, the West, and the East: universals and peculiarities
Nowadays independent educational projects are gaining more importance than ever before: people start to value challenging experience, new acquaintances, interesting discussions and an opportunity to share their insights with others. Young people prefer to broaden their views on different matters, acknowledge their place in this world instead of just mastering a skill for personal gain. And what can be better than to learn in a nature-surrounded location, where you can study and rejuvenate at the same time?

At some point in our childhood we all have seen and even studied under incompetent, unprofessional teachers or had lack of quality materials. Teaching methods have always been a controversial matter. But worst of all is an exam-oriented approach: memorizing by heart without thinking over, just for passing exams and making into college, at any price. Getting master's degree just to land a job, and then just wait and see, how it goes.

Have Ideas, Inspiration, Excitement become irrelevant in education?
Why are Refleсtion and Thirst for Truth sidelined in our fast-moving world?

Академия ШАР задумана командой молодых гуманитариев. Главная идея нашего проекта вращается вокруг критического анализа западной, восточной и русской культуры. В рамках этого анализа мы проводим беседы о языке, философии и истории, но главное — о месте и миссии человека в рамках каждой из этих макрокультур.

Кто-то считает, что нужно разобраться с собственной самоидентификацией прежде, чем начать «расширять горизонты». А кто-то уверен, что мы начинаем лучше понимать себя лишь в процессе общения с другими. В рамках Академии ШАР объяты оба этих подхода.
What is our main objective?
Our summer schools are taking place far away from hustle of the Russian capital. We believe that one cannot consider the distance between a young person and the power center to be an obstacle to his or her eagerness to think, articulate views and discuss vital issues.
We believe that decency, tolerance and sense of responsibility come hand in hand with high-quality education. The deeper your understanding of yourself and the world is, the smaller is the chance that you will disregard or break the moral code. The more you feel the connection between past and present, the more responsible you will feel in acting to affect the future. Finally, if your brain is trained, you will respond to life challenges more easily.